Personalized approach
to customer needs

The first of our aims is to always ensure the right solution, perfectly tailored to the most specific needs. We submit each request to an accurate analysis and collaborate with the customer in the development of the project.

Design, finishes, dimensions; we address all the aspects that characterize our mirrors to satisfy precise orientations and functional needs. Often, with contract supplies, we suggest precautions related to the environmental conditions of the geographical areas of destination, also solving problems such as the impact of atmospheric agents on materials.

of certifications

We were one of the first mirror manufacturers who offered certified products with CE marking. This means a guarantee that our products, entirely made in Italy, meet the EU requirements for safety, health and environmental protection.

The mirrors signed by Elma comply with 16 harmonized standards, which in turn meet the requirements of 3 specific Community standards, a real first in the sector. As proof of the quality standards offered, we have the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certification, issued by TÜV Italia.

360° service

We work daily to ensure a service that makes the difference in terms of quality and completeness. The customization of the installation instructions of our mirrors is part of this logic, as well as after-sales assistance and the traceability of each production lot.

Furthermore, we manage shipments, based on the specificity of the destination, with the use, on request, of ISPM15 boxes for sea or air transport. For contract projects in specific geographical areas, we use cross docking, a distribution strategy that allows to avoid storage and speed up delivery.