Made to reflect
your desires

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Elma mirrors

A commitment to beauty and quality that reflects the will to best satisfy the furniture industry

We design and manufacture mirrors for the furniture industry. We are a continuously growing and evolving reality. We offer to the market made in Italy products, strictly adhering to regulations and stylistically distinctive.
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Modern versatile style
and everyday-proof

Aesthetics inspired by the most advanced trends in interior design, extreme attention to details, deep attention to technical aspects, ample possibilities for customization: our mirror collections represent exactly this.
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Reasons for choosing Elma

Personalized approach
to customer needs

The first of our aims is to always ensure the right solution, perfectly tailored to the most specific needs.
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An extraordinarily
wide range of certifications:
the pass for the most advanced
and demanding markets

The reliability that our customers recognize in us is also due to the special attention we have always paid to the compliance of our products with regulations regarding safety, health and environmental protection.
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