Modern versatile style
and everyday-proof functionality

Aesthetics inspired by the most advanced trends in interior design, extreme care for details, profound attention to technical aspects, wide customization possibilities. Our mirror collections represent exactly this.

Each model tells a path made up of ideas, intuitions, genius, experimentation and challenges faced and won. The goal? Enhancing any type of environment, through an unmistakable note of style, but also guaranteeing functionality and long-lasting quality.

Make up mirror

Mirror with integrated LED lighting to ensure maximum functionality: designed to maximize facial visibility and not strain the eyes. The ideal solution for makeup and shaving: no additional lighting is needed, to the advantage of minimalist design and cost. Available in round, oval and radial shape.
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Elma Mirrors | Collezione Make up mirror


Metal-framed mirror, featuring a slight inclination that returns the full-length image in small spaces. The metal frame also functions as a shelf for small items and makeup accessories.
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Elma Mirrors | Collezione Diva


Multifunctional aluminum column designed to fit multiple environments. It is made both in a horizontal version, to be used in the kitchen as an independent wall unit with storage function; and in a vertical version, to be used as a storage wall unit in different rooms. The total absence of screws and visible hardware makes it a refined and elegant design object.
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Elma Mirrors | Collezione Star

Round and oval

The perfection and harmony of radial shapes inspire this mirror collection. The different customization possibilities permit creative combinations with bathroom furnishing elements.
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Elma Mirrors | Collezione Tonde e ovali


Round mirrors with a metal structure that makes them decorative object not limited to the bathroom. Customizable both in the aesthetics of the mirror and with different colours and frame finishes.
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Elma Mirrors | Metallic Sarten

Metallic – Custom

A collection that satisfies the most different needs in terms of shape, materials, finishes and dimensions. These mirrors are the ideal product to give a touch of elegance to any location.
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Elma Mirrors | Collezione Metallic Custom

Riflesso – Room light

Mirrors with an elegantly minimal design. The backlighting of this collection gives a touch of contemporary chicness to the room.
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Elma Mirrors | Collzione Riflesso - Room light

Riflesso – Room light metallic design

Mirrors with metallic frame. The backlighting of this collection gives a touch of contemporary chicness to the room.
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Elma Mirrors | Collezioni Room Light metallic design

Light face – Quadra interna

The protagonist of this collection of mirrors is the luminous band. It either frames the perimeter or marks out one or more sides, depending on the version. The model can be tailored to the design of the bathroom furnishing elements.
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Elma Mirrors | Collezione Light Face - Quadra interna


A mirrors collection that is characterised by its excellent lighting performance, a perfect marriage of aesthetics and functionality. Purity of lines and material accents express the elegance of this model, which represents a timeless design.
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Elma Mirrors | Collezione Bifluo


A characteristic feature of the mirrors in this collection is the presence of the luminous band, which can be customised as desired. A series of stylistically versatile solutions that suit the most diverse bathroom compositions.
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Elma Mirrors | Collezione Fluoup


Mirrors with one or more luminous bands on the top, bottom or side edges. This series is dedicated to the contemporary bathroom, which prefers formal simplicity and focuses on details with a strong personality.
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Elma Mirrors | Collezione Up&Down

Light face & wall

A series of mirrors framed by an elegant sandblasted band. They allow light to frontally illuminate the subject being mirrored, but also create a soft atmosphere in the whole room.
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Mirrors with essential lines, in various shapes to satisfy everyone’s tastes and needs. They can all be equipped with lighting and shelves. Their lightness permits an easly handling during installation.
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Customizable design mirrors with integrated magnetic magnifying mirror.
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Magnetic magnifying mirror kit suitable for all mirror models.
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Magnifying mirror kit for application on mirrors, cabinets or wall.
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