Dedication to beauty and quality that reflects the will to satisfy the furniture industry and the world of contract

We design and manufacture mirrors for the furniture industry.
We are a continuously growing and evolving reality. We offer to the market made in Italy products, strictly adhering to regulations and stylistically distinctive.

The mirrors we make are compliant with all the certifications required by the European Union: we are a guarantee of quality and offer to our interlocutors the benefit of relying on a single supplier.
We govern the whole process through which the idea becomes a product. Our departments have the competence to manage the entire supply chain, including the processing of thermoplastic materials, metals and glass. We are a meeting point between the latest-generation technologies and craftsmanship. Since 2018 we have been part of the group Volpato, a company that has been active for over sixty years in the furniture industry and of which we represent a premium brand in the bathroom furniture sector.
The advantage of see us as the only supplier is possible thanks to the fact that we govern the entire process through where the designer's idea becomes a product. Our sectors have all the technology knowledge necessary to guarantee the completely internal supply chain that includes the processing of thermoplastic materials, metals and glass. Elma is a perfect meeting point between the latest generation and the “know-how” of artisan matrix.


Our dedication to a better, greener and more liveable planet is evident in our choices based on the ecodesign philosophy. This means using recyclable materials, choosing raw materials that guarantee maximum durability of the products, but also the possibility of replacing damaged components and studying new packaging systems with reduced environmental impact. We do more than this: constant research of new technologies and green systems are our driving values.
ISO 9001:2015
ce label
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green packaging
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